When you change your focus, you change your life.



When it comes to following Jesus, Galatians 5 tells us to "make sure that we do not just hold it as an idea..."



We believe that God has created you for a handcrafted purpose. As you discover what your purpose is...




If any major recording artist was to take the stage in front of thousands of people, and no one bothered to...


Why South Coast Internship?


South Coast Internship is different from other internships or leadership programs. We believe that YOU matter, and so we keep our focus on WHO YOU ARE rather than what you can do. Traditionally, after high school, society encourages you to jump into a four year college, but what if you jumped into a nine month journey of DISCOVERY and DEVELOPMENT to AMPLIFY the purpose God created you to fulfill? We believe that investing nine months into who you are, will empower you to be and make the difference with your future.



There are two important days in everyone's life: the day we were born and the day we discovered why.


When is comes to following Jesus, Galatians 5 tells us to "make sure that we do not just hold it as an idea in our heads or a sentiment in our hearts, but work out its implications in every detail of our lives." By continuing to discover God's truth, it reveals to us who Christ is and who we are in light of him. Applying these truths to our lives, enables us to discover who God created us to be and how we can serve him in every area of our life. At South Coast Internship,  our goal is that we would not just discover facts and acquire knowledge of Christ, but that we would be transformed through the process of discovery, and live our lives as ambassadors of Christ.



Coach Time

A group setting heart-to-heart with the executive director. A time to slow down and get refocused as a team. This is a time allotted to ask questions, gain wisdom and encouragement from a leader who has dedicated over a decade to young adults, and helping others reach personal goals through biblical truth and encouragement. 

Scripture Studies

By studying and memorizing the scriptures, we are able to bring the truth of God's word to the forefront of our minds and stay grounded in His truth, confidence, and our God given identity.

Required Reading

Each trimester interns will be assigned one preselected book to read, followed by a complete book report. Each book is selected to challenge and equip each intern on their journey discovering Christ. 

Daily Prayer

Each day, interns will spend an hour of their day in personal devotions and prayer. This time has the potential to be the most life changing aspect of the internship. What you put in  will determine what you get out.

Family Time

Family Time are times when the entire team gets together and spends quality time together as a family. Some of these moments will be fun and adventurous, while others may be intentional and meaningful. Whether family time is lighthearted or deep, its purpose is to create a culture of family within the internship.



The big question in life is not what you want to do, but rather, who do you want to be?


Here at the South Coast Christian Internship, we focus on four major areas for leadership development. By focusing on these areas, we believe that each intern will learn and develop the practical tools necessary for life outside of ministry. Each trimester, interns will choose which area the will focus on, interning directly under the leadership of of the ministry area's pastor or director. By working directly with seasoned leaders, we believe that more is often caught, than taught. With the combination of knowledge and experience, each intern will be able to build a strong resume for their future.



Outreach division of South Coast Christian



Preschool-5th Grade



6-12th Grade



Live Audio/Video, Film, Photography



It is not the things we get, but the hearts we touch, that will measure our success in life.



During the nine months, each intern will participate in a missions trip out of the country. This is a time to serve out of our comfort zone and gain a new perspective from loving the people of another culture.

Interns will need a passport book upon acceptance to the program.



Ministry trips take place throughout the nine months and are opportunities where we partner together with another church or ministry to serve their community.



From local parades to the city's easter egg hunt, at South Coast Internship, we believe strongly in serving our local community and reaching them with the love of Jesus. We have a "how can we help?" attitude and through serving our community, we are helping build the bridge for people to encounter Christ.



Discipline is the only bridge between goals and accomplishment.


A gap year is your opportunity to discover who you are and who you want to become. It is a chance for you to experience new things, determine what really drives you, and equip you with a foundation that will take you further than you could dream. We believe who you are is the foundation you need to place you on a journey of success. By choosing to do college differently, in turn you will become different. Regardless of how long your journey is with us, you will be personally mentored by members of our staff. As a student, you will be assigned to a discipleship team with an intentional focus on your individualized character, leadership, and skill development. These teams range from seven to eleven students across all levels, and are one of the ways we partner with you as a person and not a number.           


Here's what some well known and reputable publications have to say about the benefits of a "gap year."